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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Classical Notes of Love and Living

In all of this lunacy, global vitriol and push, in the wake of senseless tragedies and the signs of a world spinning, spinning, ready to tip, I am distracted. I feel lost, until I find myself sitting with my friend, Diane Tait, on the floor in her house, listening to a recording of her playing Brahms Violin Concerto for a recital. She played it, years ago, backed by members of the Rochester Philharmonic. She worked on it, practiced, sweated, swore, for two years before this performance to get it just right; the nuance, the power, the emotion. She talked me through parts of it, told me how nervous she was in places. 

I was completely blown away. 

I had seen Diane play before she retired as Assistant Concertmaster for the Canadian Opera Company, but this is different. These are her notes, her interpretation of Brahms work as the focal point of the performance. I am moved, find myself welling up several times, not the least is because the music itself is tremendous, powerful, but also because, there she is! The musician is sitting right there, on the floor beside me! She is the one who was making those beautiful sounds. We talk about what it was like, in her twenties, to be working so hard, practicing for hours and hours, every day, learning, studying. 

To be that dedicated…

To something so beautiful…

I love classical music. We had it playing in the house a bit when I was a kid. I don't think I loved it then. My fondness for it came on gradually, as I grew into adulthood and went through the emotional highs and challenges that come with life. Once I got to the point where I could let myself be completely vulnerable, I began to connect with it. Pieces became sacred for me; entwined with instances of utter joy, catalysts for deeper, more profound emotions, the spark of bliss, or the sublime, almost unbearable pain of heartbreak. Through all of this, I began to know myself. I found my soul, my true soul as if it was waiting for me. My life became an adventure; thrilling to realize the capacity to connect with people on a deeper level, to know another's soul. To stop apologizing and trying to fit in, because the soul is where truth lives. Any charades crumble and fall away.

Diane's notes brought me back to that. Reminded me of the wonderful power of classical music, an art that is absolutely necessary for the nurturing of our humanity. We need more of it right now. We need to reacquaint with our essence, our soul, and live vibrant, connected lives, full of passion and grace instead of fear. 

Otherwise, why bother?

Classical music is essential.


Thank you Diane! Thank you.


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