"Spin" in aviation training: a "stall" or loss of lift, a subsequent nose-down spin, the specific actions required for recovery, and the feeling, after recovery, that you could tackle absolutely anything!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Beautiful Sequins.

Take a cue from the Earth;
Stop and watch, before the freeze, as she takes a breath,
Earned after her summer's work.
Stretching, yawning hills rolled into each other;
Sensual textures of the tilled, dark soil,
Like flaked chocolate caught in the sun's late day kiss,
Melting to the thinner, felted carpet of grazing pasture,
Massaged and nibbled by marshmallow sheep.
The herd moves glacially, calming the field;
Soothing it thoroughly between the fence rows,
The forest, and the meadow of long grasses.
Those fronds resigned to endure the winter without cropping,
Have abandoned their early summer stiffness for
More forgiving curls and waves among the autumn winds.
The forest trees, some still frocked,
Others readying for new fashion,
Dutifully watch for approaching fronts, and
Mark the speed of the sun with
Busy shadows, gathering the dewy glints and sparkles
Covering the hills like sequins thrown in a breeze.

Really, take this cue.
Avail yourself; get close.
This is not just a separate pastoral setting; not a curiosity.
You are part of this.
And as you quiet to hear the breath,
Let your soul absorb the 
Unmatchable richness, and the
Enormity of how much you are loved.
Softness is the key, and if you can
Embrace this as your default setting,
You will find that this sensuality will move you so easily,
To exactly where you need to be
Among the sun,
The winds, 
And your own beautiful sequins.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Thing Is.

The thing is; the way of it, the difficulty is
To learn to speak the intensity that you feel.
The intensity;
This is new for you.
You have gotten under yourself and pulled yourself
Up and out,
Realized, slowly, that you can stand here;

Away from where you never existed.

You can stand and be absolutely overwhelmed to see,
To see your shadow.
Your steps,
Your steps leave prints.
And now your words,
Your words, as you find they are starting to land,
Your words have changed.

Make no mistake; you are not composing a battle cry.

There is no need for that.
You are not challenging anybody.
You don't have to.
All you feel compelled to do,
Moved to do,
Is to speak the intensity that has replaced the
Brittle shards of your attempts at living,
And describe in soft, deep tones, the
Breathtaking sensation of the passion resonating off of your bones;
The relief of your muscles flexing in bliss instead of fear,
And your newly found confidence in who you are.
Such a task befits you, engaging you in a connection so deep that
You sometimes feel,
You sometimes feel in another realm.

The thing is, the way of it, the difficulty is,
That now,
Now you can never, ever, feel less.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Your Fear.

If you are true,
If you have listened to your heart,
If you are rolling ahead toward such
Great Change,
Then the fear that is testing you is not your enemy.
This fear is something else.

This truth, your truth;
There is nothing more important,
Derived from the sepia stories told through
Deep eyes framed on your wall, it has woven
Heartbeats, desires, clenched fists, and travails into a 
Pulsing life force so eager to arrive;
Wanting nothing more than to loop through and
Fire your soul.
When you listen and the sound fills you,
When you witness and the scene floors you,
And you find that you have to step aside,
Stop to compose yourself ... you feel so deeply,
Then this is your truth;
You have found Beauty.

This heart; your heart;
No part of you more powerful;
Wrung with the loneliness and exhaustion of so many that
Endured, settled for sadness;
Made it their own.
But no longer;
You heart has whispered to you, begun to inflate;
Filling your chest with such feeling;
A thundering, powerful beacon connecting you directly to the 
The overwhelming pulse that draws you to such
Fullness that you have to step aside,
Stop to compose yourself ... you feel so deeply,
This from your heart;
You have found Love.

This change; this great change;
'Nothing more encompassing;
Uprooting so to fix your orientation toward
The waves and clues, eager, so eager to
Move you ahead; no other option.
Such a shift demands the whole of you;
Routing you through the difficulty of
Accepting a new paradigm,
Winding and bursting with the
Beauty and Love, sought by so many,
Nourishing you to a fullness that you didn't know you had room for.
Stop to compose yourself ... you are overwhelmed.
This change is an Emergence;
You have found yourself.

So look at this fear as you take on such intensity;
Your Truth,
Your Heart,
And realize, as you sit with it, that it isn't really 'fear' at all.
It is, instead, the birth ... the wonderful pain,
The unavoidable, unstoppable,
Birth of your real potential, 
And the unfathomable, untethered, fulfilling
Life that you were meant to lead.

Friday, 11 November 2011


Let it go.
Open up and let the hard howl of your inner traveler
Echo off of your back teeth;
The frustration of this trip.
Seize, with a gasp, one worn claw of the 
Fear bristling at your future,
And pull it all up and out; incoherent at first, but
Soon constant and cathartic.
Squeeze all of the air out of your fists.
Fall apart.
Completely fall apart, and 
Twist, relent to exhaustion.

Spin as you feel.
There is no procedure,
No punctuation or critical path.

There is no wrong way to be sad.

And as you seek calm,
Jousting with the hitch in your breath,
You'll find my arms around you; 'been close from the start.
And I will hold you, and
Hold you, and
Hold you,
Because I've done that dance.
I've searched for the smooth pulse and the
Composure I was supposed to have.
I've fought against 
Falling apart.
But eventually, I know, the beast, healthy from
Feasting each time you're unsure; sadness and fear,
Tears through.
So yes,
Let it go.

Those never moved to howl cannot imagine ...
Cannot even come close.

Monday, 7 November 2011

The Most Exquisite View.

Reach a little higher. Climb one more limb to the
Most exquisite view.
Go on.
Shake off the tendrils; the expectations that you 
Stay on the ground.
Grab hold, and ride with the bending centre as the
Leaves catch wind then shuttle it ahead.
Brave, you, but expect no tips.
The others, heads down, will not notice you.

This you do for yourself.

And once you get the hang of it, it's not so bad;
Tipping with the centre, relinquishing to all directions,
Discovering treasures all around you.

Sing a little louder; though not with voice.
Resonate with all of you, your giddiness at the adventure.
Go on.
Relent.  Let your body 
Vibrate with the notes of your deep, deep connection to
The core, the centre, the trembling beauty.
The action changes you, 'can't help it.
Brave, you, but now, perhaps a nod.
Some others, though scuttling, may be taken with you.

This you become of yourself.

And once you get the hang of it; it leads you,
Moving, resting in a different realm; deliberate, full.
You need nothing but allow it.

Touch a little deeper; no other temper for you now.
Fewer of you but beacons strong.
Go on.
Keep tipping and singing; brimming with the ancient pulse,
And find your tide. Let it roll through you with the love,
The profound love of those waiting for you, expecting,
As you, in your new elegance, fully expect them.
Brave, you.  Embrace your truth,
And suffer the ecstasy of its vivid reveal.

Significant you are to the world.

And once it gets the hang of you; so grateful.
Your power and tenderness; specific, whole;
Shuttling through the twisting, bending plumes of
The "sense of it all"; the love of it all.

What would the world ever do without you now?

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Bend With You.

I can bend with you; find cover.
I can watch over your shoulder for you as you
Figure your tickets and tithes.
I can hold you secure on this ledge as you try to
Outwit the mistakes in your dreams.
You didn't think it like this;
Trapped in the wind and wash of others, and now you hurry to
Don't be afraid.  I can take up the
Extra room in your shadow that you find so unsettling.
And for you? I can translate the moon's questions, mainly,
"Why is it that you never look up?"

It is clear that you need to mend.  Drop your guard.
I can go with you into slumber and navigate through
Your deep concern while you descend further to oblivion.
Relax.  I can roll you to the surface again and
Ease you back up onto your feet.
There is no tremor here.  Not with me.
I can slow you to steady step; your own path still,
But not so lonely, not so bleak,
No longer an exercise in endurance.
Now a delightful dawning as the easy notes,
There all along, peak through at you like the
Sun through the curtain's break.

I can search with you.
I can hold open the loose fence board and follow you through
As you try to figure where it landed; that vision you had,
Tossed, out of despair at its size.
'Turns out it wasn't too big at all.
I can help you carry it, weave it into your sail and then ...
Watch and sweep in arc around you, always within reach
As it begins to take shape.
It fits you perfectly.
I can marvel at you; maneuver to meet you,
Join you, banking and coursing with your own momentum.
Look at you.
Look at you.

I can't look away.