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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A Nod.

Look closer, and fill yourself with the whole story;
There is richness in considering the subtleties that
Tweak and twine
Such graces granted you;

That door that opened, just there, to
Heavy with dimensions of grandeur and significance,
'Seems the master of such meaning,
Yet, it is the 
That allow it to swing so.
Tucked deeply into the frame, they are
Bettered only by the lock
Sitting at half, across the way.
So when you pass through,
A nod to all.
The door is easy.
But it is the hardware that makes it so.

That bridge you cross;
Ornate and clever,
Bearing the history of toil and effort
Sweated deep into its mortar,
Stands puff-chested over the water,
When it is the two shores on either side that 
Keep it steady.
Any apron of sand or indecision;
A shaky footing or landing diminishes any
Sure crossing to a challenge in itself,
Instead of a welcomed and deserved
Short cut.
So when you pass over,
A nod to all.
The bridge is magnificent,
But it is the shores that fulfill its integrity.

Those tools you use,
To dig your garden and raise your roof;
Blades, head, and teeth of utmost
But all competence and endurance rests slightly 
Farther from the action;
In the handles and grips, and the 
Ladder that gets you to the peak, and a
View of your work;
Finely fitted and thoughtful.
So as you harvest and retire in comfort,
A nod to all.
While the strike and cut are important,
A shovel's blade is a scourge with a handle that 
Fights instead of fits.

That person that you adore,
That lights your day and moves you ahead;
So much more than breath and sinew.
That light in her eyes and her gentle touch are
Sifted and simmered from all of the
Footings, and
Navigated and maneuvered to get to you.
So while you love her,
A nod to all.
She is everything;
Absolutely everything up to this very 

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