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Wednesday, 26 October 2011


The way of it all is to ease.
Mark any force with time or temper and follow its 
Inevitable slide to repose;
Water rushes to sea or pool; shakes off the froth of its journey and
Sighs with relief in the calm.
Churning magma spits out its heat; blazing to coolness in its
Desire to blend and age.
And you; your frenzied rush under the sun's arc subsides, as your
Children grow and embrace their own momentum.

The forces of emotion run parallel courses;
Anger, triggered from blockage and clutter spends itself
Finally to calm.
Sadness, the fumes from weak, unfocused nurturing,
With diligence, clear to contentment.
And your wild fear; your belief that you deserve the
Despair and loneliness clawing at your skin from inside,
Wants nothing more than to 
Escape, scatter, and leave you tall and soft.

There is romance about this; nature's wish to 
Reveal itself in grace, and to dovetail its tenderness with the
Beauty of your very soul.
This, my friend, is the most powerful Love;
An almost unbelievable rooting into the energy and 
Faith of your own existence, and the understanding that
Your waves and particles,
Your sighs and desires,
Don't need to fight so hard;
Don't need to suffer.
And as you find your ease,
And you learn to forego all the froth and frenzy,
So, my dear friend, will you find
Your Love.

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  1. Gorgeous. This one needs to be in a book, Suz. You've found such a beautiful, peaceful voice in this one.