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Monday, 3 October 2011

Your Pyramid.

Have faith in yourself.
Have faith.
That pyramid inside you looms not for shattering contrast;
Not to infer the impossible;
Dimensions, expansive and overwhelming, only when you are 
Perhaps you don't realize that it's yours;
This pyramid, this maddening urge, this passion for ... something?
It comes from inside you after all, and
Manifests in your impatience with the
Predictable shape of your days,
The longing you feel gazing skyward waiting for the
Light to turn green,
The thrill that shudders through you when you risk
Imagining your passion; see yourself in it.
But still timid?
To feel drawn as you do but doubt yourself so much?
Give a nod to proportion;
The enormity of your desire dovetails without gap to your
Talents and muscle.
My dear, dear, friend,
You are wiser and more supple than you think.
Trust me.
Those dunes you feel cursed to navigate are only sand;
Just sand.  So go ahead;
Build your pyramid, and marvel as they bend to you;
Arch, curve, and sweep with graceful attention,
Surprisingly benevolent;
Eager to include your passion,
Your pyramid, into the landscape.
It is astounding, and so beautiful,
But I am not surprised.
You, however,
Wondering why you ever waited so long.

So yes, have faith.
I can hardly wait.

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