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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Your Fear.

If you are true,
If you have listened to your heart,
If you are rolling ahead toward such
Great Change,
Then the fear that is testing you is not your enemy.
This fear is something else.

This truth, your truth;
There is nothing more important,
Derived from the sepia stories told through
Deep eyes framed on your wall, it has woven
Heartbeats, desires, clenched fists, and travails into a 
Pulsing life force so eager to arrive;
Wanting nothing more than to loop through and
Fire your soul.
When you listen and the sound fills you,
When you witness and the scene floors you,
And you find that you have to step aside,
Stop to compose yourself ... you feel so deeply,
Then this is your truth;
You have found Beauty.

This heart; your heart;
No part of you more powerful;
Wrung with the loneliness and exhaustion of so many that
Endured, settled for sadness;
Made it their own.
But no longer;
You heart has whispered to you, begun to inflate;
Filling your chest with such feeling;
A thundering, powerful beacon connecting you directly to the 
The overwhelming pulse that draws you to such
Fullness that you have to step aside,
Stop to compose yourself ... you feel so deeply,
This from your heart;
You have found Love.

This change; this great change;
'Nothing more encompassing;
Uprooting so to fix your orientation toward
The waves and clues, eager, so eager to
Move you ahead; no other option.
Such a shift demands the whole of you;
Routing you through the difficulty of
Accepting a new paradigm,
Winding and bursting with the
Beauty and Love, sought by so many,
Nourishing you to a fullness that you didn't know you had room for.
Stop to compose yourself ... you are overwhelmed.
This change is an Emergence;
You have found yourself.

So look at this fear as you take on such intensity;
Your Truth,
Your Heart,
And realize, as you sit with it, that it isn't really 'fear' at all.
It is, instead, the birth ... the wonderful pain,
The unavoidable, unstoppable,
Birth of your real potential, 
And the unfathomable, untethered, fulfilling
Life that you were meant to lead.

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