"Spin" in aviation training: a "stall" or loss of lift, a subsequent nose-down spin, the specific actions required for recovery, and the feeling, after recovery, that you could tackle absolutely anything!

Monday, 7 November 2011

The Most Exquisite View.

Reach a little higher. Climb one more limb to the
Most exquisite view.
Go on.
Shake off the tendrils; the expectations that you 
Stay on the ground.
Grab hold, and ride with the bending centre as the
Leaves catch wind then shuttle it ahead.
Brave, you, but expect no tips.
The others, heads down, will not notice you.

This you do for yourself.

And once you get the hang of it, it's not so bad;
Tipping with the centre, relinquishing to all directions,
Discovering treasures all around you.

Sing a little louder; though not with voice.
Resonate with all of you, your giddiness at the adventure.
Go on.
Relent.  Let your body 
Vibrate with the notes of your deep, deep connection to
The core, the centre, the trembling beauty.
The action changes you, 'can't help it.
Brave, you, but now, perhaps a nod.
Some others, though scuttling, may be taken with you.

This you become of yourself.

And once you get the hang of it; it leads you,
Moving, resting in a different realm; deliberate, full.
You need nothing but allow it.

Touch a little deeper; no other temper for you now.
Fewer of you but beacons strong.
Go on.
Keep tipping and singing; brimming with the ancient pulse,
And find your tide. Let it roll through you with the love,
The profound love of those waiting for you, expecting,
As you, in your new elegance, fully expect them.
Brave, you.  Embrace your truth,
And suffer the ecstasy of its vivid reveal.

Significant you are to the world.

And once it gets the hang of you; so grateful.
Your power and tenderness; specific, whole;
Shuttling through the twisting, bending plumes of
The "sense of it all"; the love of it all.

What would the world ever do without you now?

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