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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Default Setting.

That connection you have; your love,
Don't set it aside for 'just the right time.'
Don't keep it only to emerge and fill while
Soaking in the symphony and the swell of the strings.
That's a given.

You know and expect the feeling triggered by 
That painting you love, the film, whatever art or
Pastoral setting it is that soothes and fires your soul.
That's easy.

And of course, the most direct route; to be woven into
Someone's arms, captivated by their eyes and
Caressed by the soft tones of pure romantic love.
That is bliss.

But so much of your day is spent between the moments;
Moving from scene to scene;
Navigating the margins, the pauses;
Time that, for some reason, you feel that it's
Okay not to be connected.
It's okay to get from here to there, to be stiff and wound,
Walking, moving in jagged, awkward, wrenching steps,
Or you feel there is nothing wrong with managing daily routine
As if you didn't exist.

But imagine.
Imagine if you allowed yourself, expected to feel this love,
This connection throughout your day.
You are wired for it.
In fact, there is every reason to believe
This is the point of it all.
There is nothing, absolutely nothing that is more important.
So ...
Summon it.
Beckon, right here,
Right in the middle of the grocery store,
Underneath the sucking neon lights;
Find it.
Make this connection, this feeling of rooting to the
Earth and its love for you,
Make it your default setting.
Make it the constant that takes you through your day.

Wouldn't it be lovely to be wrapped in the feeling,
The embrace normally sparked reveling in the 
Sun's morning kiss;
The amazement, the kindness, your place in it all,
... as you fill your cart in the soup aisle?

That, through all the struggle, is your goal.

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