"Spin" in aviation training: a "stall" or loss of lift, a subsequent nose-down spin, the specific actions required for recovery, and the feeling, after recovery, that you could tackle absolutely anything!

Thursday, 29 December 2011


Orient yourself;
Chair and desk,
Moraine, and spinning, bursting stars,
Beginning of time, yours, now.

How was it that you found yourself,
Right then, in the meadow;  your arm a
Windbreak, haven for a red dragonfly?
'Needed you, as others have.
All the way along...

How is it, through all of this;
Storms, shrapnel, endurance,
That you have somehow
Tapped into the swelling ache?
'Heart's beauty and tempo.

How will it be to awaken with
Calm ecstasy,
When you find you have landed?
'Found your haven.


And under which star?

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