"Spin" in aviation training: a "stall" or loss of lift, a subsequent nose-down spin, the specific actions required for recovery, and the feeling, after recovery, that you could tackle absolutely anything!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

I'll See You When I Can.

Drop to your knees at the setting of the sun,
... If the day it marks only joins the last to the next.
Describe to me, the hours, impenetrable and unyielding,
Stuffed, gag-full, with minutes and seconds,
Bound and bruised to see you fail.
Mimic your preparations, the approach you have planned,
For when the conditions are just right.

And I will see you when I can.
But I cannot wait.

Unwrap your hands and reveal your wounds
Nourished as you crawl,
Searching for the better launch.
Fold yourself deeply into your layers
Against the penetrating chill of unfamiliarity;
If that's the way you see it.
And finally, give in and step down.
Swallow the mantra to endure and settle;
'More room for others if you withdraw.

And I will see you when I can,
If I can find you.

Because you see ...

I have decided to mark my day with the rising of the sun,
And fly, with no hesitation, to
Unpack the hours and minutes;
Scattering them, impatient to exhaust each one,
My imperfect efforts finding a way in, somehow.
And gradually, I am picking up speed;
I am  picking up speed towards monumental change.
I can taste it; feel it as its distance crumbles and the
Crated idea of emerging into wholeness, vibrant,
'Thought only for others,
Falls open to ...

The action IS difficult; I don't blame you at all for
Frustration, fear expected, but
In the committing ...
In the absolute committing to it;
The belief that I wasn't born to beige,
Momentum grows too strong to withdraw.  And the
Unfamiliarity that you see, is the
Thrilling possibility that I see;
Intensity and pulse bathed in the
Warm, rich texture;
The sensuality of truth.

There are days that do seem only to separate others,
But the shifts and footholds,
Each discovery and achievement peels closer and closer
To ... to bliss.
And believe me, my friend, I will tell you all about it.
I won't leave anything out.

... But I'm just not sure when I can get all the way back to
Where you are.

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  1. Now I'm dizzy! It's good to have you back...I missed you there for a while. xoTracy