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Sunday, 27 March 2011

I Am So Lucky!

Do you ever sit and think and revel in the people that you have in your life?  Sometimes I am amazed at how fortunate I am to know the people I do.  I ran into a number of them recently and it struck me how important they are in making the fabric of my days so much richer.  Yes, richer indeed.

It's not like we see each other all the time. We celebrate when we can, when someone has an art showing, a series on TV, or someone else is getting a tooth pulled, we try to get together. Some I rarely see, some now and then, and some regularly, but they have all helped to plug in the different pieces of who I am by offering opinions, contrast, and support when I need it.  And I, in my role, hopefully do the same for them.  It's a wonderful process.  Each connection that I have, no matter how infrequent, helps to nourish a wonderful tone that is constant and dependable with this bunch.  It is a "given" that we are there for each other.  Some are, right now, going through a struggle.  Some have struggled and are now learning to breath.  And some, those lucky ones, are enjoying their garden.  They've earned it.

So we go away and do what we do.  We stretch and take risks and try to get ourselves into that place where we are emotionally full, and by that, I don't mean sad, but rather able to settle and relax and be receptive to the world around us without fear.  We don't need to hurry.  We are enjoying the effort.  It feels good.  It's a hand on the shoulder, a thoughtful gaze, and the look of  joy on someone's face as you walk into a room.  Nothing feels better than having at least one person who is glad to have you near,  and I feel that with more people than I think I really deserve to lately.  Something is afoot with the universe I think.  Or it's just that each and every one of my friends is absolutely fantastic.  Yeah, I think it's the latter.  I am so lucky!    

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