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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A Word Please: Graciousness.

My favourite word is, 'Graciousness.'  I don't think there is another word that carries with it, the integrity and consideration that can carry a person through their life.  If you had only one word that you could impart to your children as they stretch up to thought and out to experience, this one might be it.  To be gracious is to be everything that society appreciates in a tone that nurtures the human soul as it gently seeks it's connection.  To be gracious is to be respectful, to listen, to be considerate, to be tactful and to be sincere; all wrapped up in a kind of fond spirit.  You put other people at ease.

Apparently, the first use of the word came about in the 14th century.  I don't know about you but that period in history never struck me as a fun time.  There is no point in trying to find the "14th Century Fun House" when you're at the fair.  It ain't there. The "Great Famine" killed a bazillion people in Europe, followed closely by the "Black Death."  So how would you be gracious in such a climate?

"I'm sorry, were you planning on collapsing right here in the street?"
"Well, I was, but I see you are already on your knees, bleeding from your ears.  You go ahead."
"Oh, I simply couldn't.  I insist.  This gutter is all yours. I can die up here by the stairs."
"You are nothing if not gracious.  I am indebted to you.  You'll excuse me if I get to it?"
"My liege."


The 14th Century was also the backdrop to the Hundred Year's War.
"Shall we keep fighting?  We've been at it forever."
"But you are doing SOOO well.  Such talent I see...a waste to let it rot at home in front of a fire..."


And one discovery, in the 14th, that I just thought fit perfectly, was the invention of the first rope bridge in Peru...
"Why don't you go first."
"Oh no.  I couldn't. I simply couldn't."
"But you.   You are so talented and wonderful.  The world on the other side deserves to have you, to see you, and to revel in you.  It's all yours.  Uhm, can I have, er, HOLD your horse?"

 But seriously, it's a great word.  If you can keep it in your head throughout the day, you will make a wonderful imprint on the humanity you meet.

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