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Monday, 28 March 2011

Such a Nice Moon!

Recently, March 19th, there was a full moon that, as far as full moon's go, really "hit it out of the park."  It was resting at the shortest distance from the earth for all of 2011, at 356,575 kilometers. ( To put that in some kind of perspective, we have a 2000 V.W. Bug with 500,000 kilometers on it...but it's taken eleven years to put them there.)  The people that run around and think of names for things refer to this as a "perigee" moon, meaning "closest."  An "apogee" moon is "farthest away," and the rest of the time, the moon comes and goes while it looks for parking. It's busy.  But the March 19th moon was beautiful.  She hung there in the sky, shaming any other reflecting planet or celestial star, and daring any sentient human being that was out that night, to not feast on such a vision.

I like the night sky.  It draws us together much more deeply than any TV show could do.  I was having a chat with a good friend and we realized that we had both left different functions at around the same time and spent the drive home gazing at the moon.  And that's cool.  When you're looking at the moon, there are no sound bites or commercials.  It's just the moon and a chance to think. And when you find out that you've shared it with a friend, it's the best.  It's almost as if she was out there just for the two of you.
Such a nice moon!

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