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Monday, 2 May 2011

Life is a Hat.

Life is a hat.  'Pretty simple really.  I don't know why it took me so long to figure it out but there it is.  I've had many hats before, as a child, a teen, as I recovered, along with the rest of mankind, from 'Disco,' and on up to the present.  But my recent purchase of a particularly fantastic Panama brought it all home to me.  

A hat, and it should be a really great one, represents a process in three stages: 

The first stage is the anticipation of wearing the hat.  This takes a bit of courage.  After all, you've decided to wear it up to the store when you go to pick up a few things. Wearing such a hat in the city where no one knows you is one thing, but to do so on your home turf, with everyone looking is different.  It's on your mind as you take care of the detritus of the day.

The second stage is the actual wearing of the hat.  You put it on and it fits so nicely.  It's as if it was made for you.  There is something about this hat; something magical.  It makes you feel so good.  You carry yourself differently.  And when you are in the store, and you hear the song "She Thinks my Tractor's Sexy" blaring in your ear, you aren't filled with the normal irritation and blind rage that such a ditty normally triggers in you.  Instead, you are calm and gracious, even though you can't find any macaroni.  Okay, your eye does twitch a little.  "What kind of a store doesn't have macaroni?  Are you kidding me?" But the hat.  The hat is so splendid that you quickly shake off your concern and grab a package of pasta shells instead.  You nod to yourself at how resourceful and together you are, you in your hat;  your significant hat.  You make your purchase and leave the store for home.

The third stage is the removal of the hat and the fond memories of your adventure under it.  You are sad to take it off, but you are impressed that your hair is not as flat as it gets while wearing other, lesser hats.  Such an adventure you had.  And with a deep sigh, you put the hat away.  You are glad to know that the hat is there for the next time, and you are determined to arrange so many "next times."

Those "next times" or events, are what it's all about.  If we never dared to wear a hat, our life would be tedious and unremarkable.   But when we do; when we step out with a difference and a little bit of courage, that is all the difference.  It gives us something to focus on and a vehicle for those three stages.  Hopefully the adventure  changes us somehow and helps us to move forward in our lives.  A hat can do that if you choose it carefully.  I know that it sounds simple.  And it really is, as long as you don't take it for granted.  Life is a hat; as simple or as complicated or as fantastic as you choose.


  1. If life is a hat, yours is a Carmen Miranda style! xoTK

  2. As Van Morrison once said, "Have I told you lately that I love you?"...........
    You never fail to make me smile.
    And speaking of Van, I can hear a song in today's message....uh huh.....oh yeah....