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Sunday, 29 May 2011

"Play Me a Song, Tell Me the Answer, Peel Me a Grape."

I love people.  I am amazed at how complex we are and how much we can change through our victories and our struggles.  I could never live in the middle of nowhere.  I would miss out on the impact of, especially those that have managed to tune in to their gifts.

I've seen a lot of live music.  It thrills me every time (Okay, there was one concert, years ago; "Kenny G.".  The thought of that concert, and the horror of why I actually went, is unsettling.) Whether it's the sound of a full orchestra, or being close enough to see a jazz great (Hilario Duran) move his fingers up and down the keyboard, I admire the talent.  I admire people who can sing, compose, and conduct, and I admire the kids I know that are coming into their own with whatever instrument they are playing.   Music is a big part of my life and there is nothing I enjoy more than talking about it, or sharing the sound with someone who's interested.  I love those people.

And lately, I've found myself around people who are at the top of their game in the "smarts" department.  Through several different disciplines, I have met some very gracious people, so competent in helping others.  I have watched them answer questions and offer solutions with such competence and ease, that I am jealous.  I would love to have a brain that works like that; to have all of that information and sense.  I could watch them work for days; they listen and sift and then come up with an option or perspective that fits perfectly.  I love those people too.

And some of the conversations I have been having with friends have been wonderful.  It might be the stage I'm at in my life where I am able to slow down, listen, and help to nurture my side of the exchange in a much more sensitive way, and this seems to draw people out.  And as the conversations unfold, I find that our experiences aren't so different. This seems to be a time in our lives when our kids are grown, and our parents are older, when we begin to find ourselves. It can be difficult, but the great thing I'm finding is that we're all doing it. We're all in this together and I love that. I love my friends like crazy.

 I need to be around people.  I'm soaking up all that they have to give more than ever and I'm finding that my life is richer for it.  There is no question that the future is unfolding not quite as I had expected, but frankly that's not a bad thing.  I'm actually a little giddy at the sound of my feet hitting the ground and slowly getting up to speed.  Perhaps "intensity" is the word that I'm looking for.  It is the "intensity" of the gifts I get from the people around me that I feel and am grateful for.  'An interesting life, in all of it's complexity, and becoming more interesting every day.

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