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Friday, 27 May 2011

The Toad and the Butterfly.

We see a kitchen table.  At one end, there is a Monarch Butterfly seated on a stool.  He can't sit in a chair because he can't collapse his wings.  Only a moth can do that.  He hates moths (Fucking moths!) and, anyway, he's proud of his lovely orange and black Monarch wings.  He's perusing brochures about Mexico.  A Toad walks in and pours herself a cup of coffee:

"Mexico today, Lysander?"

"Yes Natasha.  I must leave you. I don't want to go, but I must."

Natasha takes her cup of coffee and hurls it against the wall.  She looks at him...as only a toad could.

"You are leaving me to a life of torment and pain, while you...you and those wings..."

"Natasha this isn't my decision.  Can't you see?  Can't you see that this was never going to work anyway?

Natasha lights a cigarette and crouches down with her head in her, uhm...webbed hand.

"Listen, darling," Lysander says, "you know I will always love you but, really, we werent' meant to be...the wind always takes me away when we're out trying to go for a walk.  It takes me half an hour to navigate my way back to you, depending on El Nino, or whatever weather front is coming in, and by the time I find you , I'm beat.  Darling, look at me...you're all tight-lipped.  I know you're mad."

Natasha draws on her cigarette...and then eats the whole thing.  (Toads can be really disgusting.)

"I know.  I knew this day was going to come." 

She gets up and walks over to him.  She coughs because of the cigarette and lets go a huge "ribbit." Her tongue shoots out and sticks to Lysander's face.  She tries to recoil the tongue but it is stuck fast.  Lysander stands up.  His wings open with a kind of panic, clearing the picture of "The Scream" off of the wall.  The brochures scatter on the floor.  Natasha blinks.  She blinks again.  Then she eats Lysander.

The moral of the story:  Smoking is a dangerous ribbit.

(...not every post is going to be a masterpiece!  Lighten up, would ya?)

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