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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Gershwin's Glimmer.

I am envious of those with a profession that they love.  I see people driving to work, hitting their mark, or somehow making the day count by doing something that makes a difference.  And they seem quite happy.  But I wonder how they decided to do whatever it is that they are doing?  Did they throw a dart, or was there a glimmer; a hint somewhere along the way?  I'm curious.

George Gershwin wrote "Rhapsody in Blue" in 1924.  It is one of my favourite pieces of music and, more often than not, it moves me to tears.  Today, I read that Gershwin wrote it when he was twenty-six. I couldn't believe it.  I just assumed that a piece of music like that would have to be written by someone older.  But twenty-six!  And then I began wondering; what made him want to play like he did?  There must have been a glimmer.  There must have been something sparked inside that lead to such creativity. Without it, his music would have been forgettable. 

 It must be such a relief to be so consumed by something so passionate, like Gershwin, or anyone who has done great things, that there is no question as to the route you find yourself taking in life.  Your drive decides for you because you can't live without that special "thing," whatever it is. There is almost no discussion.  It's just understood.  What a gift.

I've done lots of different things in my almost fifty years.  You'd be surprised, actually. But I still haven't found the "thing."  I haven't found that one thing that fits or that takes all of the pressure off because you know that you nailed it;  that you are where you're supposed to be.  So I have this nagging.  There's this drive I have to keep looking.  There must be something out there for each of us.  Personally, I would really appreciate a little of Gershwin's glimmer right about now.  I may not come up with another "Rhapsody in Blue,"  but whatever my glimmer is for, I am ready and eager to get on with it.

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  1. I think it's pretty clear that you've found your glimmer: it's writing. You're interested in so many diverse things--and you make them all sound as good as Gershwin any day. xo Tracy