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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

"Wass on it?"

Making lunches for your kids can be grueling, demanding work.  As a mother, it's my duty to come up with something tasty, so the little dickens will eat it, and nutritious, so there is a possibility that they will grow strong enough to unball their socks for the laundry, maybe.  But after a bazillion years of trying to come up with something different, and feeling beaten, the good folks at NASA came to my rescue today.   That's right; NASA.

I get NASA updates in my email and this morning I received one that caught my eye.  There was no launch (Soyuz went a few days ago,) and there were no problems, but there was an announcement made regarding a meteorite that was found in Antarctica in 1969.  This meteorite, "Yamato 691 enstatite chondrite" apparently originated from an asteroid that orbited between Mars and Jupiter. (Yes, I know.  "Not another one!"  But stay with with me.  It's going to be good.)  On this meteorite, they found a mineral, never before observed in nature.  It's called "Wassonite," and though it's made up from sulfur and titanium, which we have here in buckets-full, this mineral has a unique crystalline structure that sets it apart.  And...AND, it's less than one-hundredth of the width of a human hair.  So these guys were nothing if not thorough.  

I love this stuff.  Just when you think that everything has been found, something like this comes along.  "Wassonite." So, for at least a little while, lunch will be fun.  

"Here honey.  Here's your sandwich."
"Wass on it(e)?"

Thanks NASA!

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