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Thursday, 14 April 2011

House Showings and The Wolverine.

Selling your home is a lot of work.  It's not so much the paper work involved, but keeping the place a-sparkle for showings.  I like a clean house but I also have hobbies.  I like to go out now and then.  Sometimes I will eat a sandwich or play a tune.  I have been known to garden and don't get me started on going cycling.  Just don't.  The point is that I don't want to be cleaning all the time.  As a result, sometimes there is dust, or towels, or something evil that needs to be dealt with, like a wolverine in the basement, again.

I know, I can't have it both ways.  If I want to sell the house, I must make sure that it's clean for each showing. But what I would like, is some sort of guarantee that, before I vacuum the finish off of the wood floors,  the people coming through are really interested and not just "kicking tires."  So how about a little something for the effort?  How about a nice shiraz, or some bath salts, or bread that is really good toasted? How about a recipe for soup or a pack of 60 watt bulbs? What about dental floss?  Everyone needs dental floss. Just something, anything to take away that clinical, intrusive flavour and give a nod to me, the homeowner.  

You may think it petty, but this kind of offering would go a long way in making showings less of a pain.  All I need to know is that you appreciate the work I did in lieu of you, a complete stranger, coming through my home; the place where I live, and think, and cheat at "Scrabble."  I don't think it's too much to ask.  Of course actually buying the house would trump any little gift of soaps or that tastefully appointed home suturing kit.  But until that happens, I wouldn't dig around too much in the basement when you come.  I haven't gotten to actually dealing with that wolverine yet.  I've been kind of busy, you know, doin' stuff.

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