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Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Spring Proink.

Spring is here.  Yeah, I know, people are bursting with clues; the Robins, the little flowers, tax season; all the giddy little signs that Mother Nature is shedding her winter duvet.  My favourite sign is "The Spring Proink." This is a dedicated maneuver unique to the spring calf and if you haven't seen it, I feel sorry for you.

Shortly after a calf is born, it is up wobbling on spindly legs trying desperately to understand why gravity insists on being such a pain in the ass.  At the same time it's mother, with a tongue the length of a beach towel, gives it a bath and starts to tell the calf how to do calf-things.  Before she is half way through reasons why condiment jokes are in poor taste, the calf has started to proink. It goes like this:  back end up, front end up, back end up, front end up, back end up, front end...up......TAIL...nice!  These are full, semi-controlled  leaps, not subtle gestures.  It's hilarious.  You can't watch such a dance and not smile.  Pure joy, and why not?  No one has told the little rascal that he's going to be dinner some day.

Happy Spring Everyone!

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