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Monday, 25 April 2011

A Word Please: "Druthers."

"Druthers."  I know.  You don't have them do you?  If you did, life would be different wouldn't it.  Nobody ever seems to have their druthers.  You never hear, "Thankfully, with my druthers right here beside me, I get better gas mileage."  Or, "If I never see another room full of druthers it will be too soon."  "Carl?  Carl Walton get down here right his minute and put these druthers away.  What did you just say to me young man?  I think we're going to have a little chat about your attitude and your druthers when your father gets home."  And "druthers" is always plural, never singular.  "And now, 'Hinterland, Who's Who...The Druther.'  The druther is a solitary fish that walks on land.  It emits an electrical signal that causes any automatic garage door within ten miles, to open."  'Never heard that either.

"Druther" actually is from an older American phrase; "would rathers."  So "If I had my druthers,"  means, " If I had my preference."

For example; Today I thought I would trim my hair.  You know, just a little trim to wrangle a few unruly curls that needed to go.  So I dampened my head, took the scissors and delicately went at it.  Five minutes later I was horrified to see that I was sporting what was, no matter how much I tried to deny it, a MULLET!    I considered, for a brief second, drying my hair and walking down in front of my kids to get their reaction.  But the horror was too much. And I couldn't afford their therapy, as well as mine, so I continued trimming.  Now I have very little hair.  IF I HAD MY DRUTHERS, I WOULD HAVE LEFT EVERYTHING ALONE AND GONE TO A HAIRDRESSER.  

"Druthers;"  Get some.


  1. I can relate. I had a similar horrific incident in junior high.
    Big Bill

  2. Tomorrow I am moving from Vancouver to Toronto. Driving. Following a big white truck filled with my belongings. Today is Easter Monday. Today I advanced voted (two hours in line), investigated multiple fraudulent charges on my bank statements (another hour at the store in question and 1/2 on the phone to the bank), tried to complete my taxes while ripping packing tape and slapping them onto boxes, numbering the boxes for a customs manifest and waiting to hear if my dentist can take me in for an emergency visit (my gold crown popped off and I won't be able to chew anything healthy on the five day trip cross country). IF I had my druthers....I'd druther be cooking Easter dinner for 20 friends and family and this time with no complaints. Druthers are sorely missed.