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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Muse Update.

Inspiration is a must for anyone delving into a creative project. The Greeks were big on this idea and wound up promoting nine women specifically geared toward inspiring mortals intent on producing creative works.  Comedy, tragedy, lyric poetry, erotic poetry, sacred poetry, music, astronomy, history, and something like clogging, or "Riverdance" were the general domains of their attention. One only had to summon them and the work-in-question would end up bringing the house down, or would at least be held over for a longer run with merchandising and a tour.

This is all very nice, but times change. Yes, we still need the muses to continue contributing to the nine classic areas, but perhaps the introduction of nine new muses might be helpful.  Let me know what you think:
"Cindy"  muse of fantastic dinner ideas...every single night!
"Alithea" muse of the best parking spot.
"Sloupy" muse of the ability to remember every joke.
"Brungia" muse of brilliant financial decisions.
"Albrethia" muse of never having to clean up dog vomit again.
"Caffeinia" muse of perfect coffee, always.
"Zips" muse of knowing names, even before meeting the person.
"Bulkits" muse of never needing a grocery list.
And my favourite:

"Pearl" muse of the wonderfully cogent and impressive rebuttal that comes when it is needed, not a half hour later when it's too late.

The 2011 Muse Update. I hope I didn't miss anything.  Maybe we should add "Nadine" muse of never missing anything.  Thoughts?

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant. I'ld like to add a few:

    "Pigstylia" - muse of organizing your desk..closet...mind

    "Cellulitely" - muse of facing the naked truth

    "Loonetta" - muse of making a buck.....even just one would be nice.....

    (by the way, have I mentioned how GORGEOUS you are...that photo is SO lovely)